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Constituent Group Information
    Maine State Democratic Party
  • Maine State Democratic Party This is the web page of the umbrella group which represents all Maine Democrats. The Lincoln County Democratic Party is a member of the Maine State Democratic Party. The State Party Platform can be found here:
    Maine People's Alliance
  • Maine People's Alliance: Known for their ability to do grassroots organizing and education, MPA focuses on leadership development to increase the number of citizen leaders prepared to work for positive social change. Many good links can be found here.
    Maine Women's Lobby
  • Maine Women's Lobby: Their goal is to increase economic, social, and political opportunities for women and girls through public policy and leadership development. They are following 400 bills! But their priorities center on issues that make for safe, healthy, and prosperous families: family-friendly workplace policies, livable wages, access to health care, ending discrimination, protecting women from violence.
    League of Women Voters
  • LWVME: Good list of bills that they are following related to elections, voter rights, and ethics.
    Emerge Maine
  • Emerge Maine: Emerge Maine is the premier training program for Democratic women.
    Maine Equal Justice
  • Maine Equal Justice: Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), is dedicated to finding solutions to poverty and improving the lives of people with low income in Maine.
    Equality Maine
  • EqualityMaine: Working to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Maine since 1984.
    Maine Center for Economic Policy
  • MCEP: Advances nonpartisan economic policies through high-quality research, analysis, citizen education, and coalition building. Excellent information on tax policy, supports for low/moderate income families, livable wages, and sustainable development. Click on the 'Publications' or 'Position Statements' links at the top.
    Grow Smart Maine
  • Grow Smart Maine: Actively brings together Maine citizens, government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to work for a more sustainable prosperity that supports both an improving standard of living and the protection of this state’s unique character, our quality of place. Their legislative priorities. The are monitoring a large number of bills.
    Environmental Health Strategy Center
  • Environmental Health Strategy Center: National leader in environmental health protection policies, based right here in Maine! Leader of the Kids Safe Products legislation that attracted so much attention this session. This link takes you to their program areas, which then have links to information about issues.
    Maine Public Health Association
  • MPHA: A major organization that advocates for disease prevention and health promotion policies in the statehouse. Doesn’t have a lobbyist per se but works through its many member organizations. Chief defender of the Fund for a Healthy Maine.
    Consumers for Affordable Health Care
  • CAHC: Good policy briefs on some elemental issues in Maine health insurance law, including out of state purchase.
    Maine Bureau of Insurance
  • Maine Bureau of Insurance: Good site for both technical and consumer-friendly information about insurance products in Maine: rate reviews and findings, policies, insurers, etc.
    Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
  • MOFGA: Here’s their list of the bills they are following.
    Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • NRCM: A nonprofit organization for protecting, restoring, and conserving Maine's environment.
    Maine League of Conservation Voters
  • MLCV: The Maine League of Conservation Voters advances the protection of Maine’s environment by evaluating and endorsing candidates and holding elected officials accountable for decisions that affect the environment. A large coalition of environmentally-minded organizations that do a scorecard each year on legislative priorities they have been pursuing. Their agenda with more background links.
    Maine Audubon Society
  • Maine Audobon: Follows a number of wildlife and conservation issues in Augusta.
    Maine AFL-CIO
  • Maine AFL-CIO: Some information can be found here in support of working families.
Other Views
    Maine Heritage Policy Center
  • Maine Heritage Policy Center: Leading think tank for conservative viewpoints in Maine. Major contributor to LePage initiatives.
    American Legislative Exchange Council
  • American Legislative Exchange Council: Very conservative support organization for state legislators, has many pieces of model legislation. Where a lot of the conservative legislation that we are seeing in Augusta comes from.