Resources for Activists

Legislative Links
    Bill Status Search Page
  • Bill Search: A quick way to look up a bill by number, text, sponsor, year, etc.
    Maine State Legislative Portal Page (House and Senate)
  • Legislators:Great information on legislators, meetings, hearings and legislation
    Public Meeting Calendar
  • Meeting Calendar:Provides information about state agency meetings and hearings that are open to the public.
    Public Hearing Schedule by Date
  • Hearing Calendar:Lists hearings for the next seven days arranged by Committee.
    Legislative Publications
  • Legislative Publications:Bills, Laws and Statutes - Legislative Process - Reports, Studies and Newsletters - Research and Instructional Tools - Schedules
    Who's Who in the Legislature and How to Reach Them
  • Legislative Who's Who:Senate leadership, House leadership, Senate and House members, committees, constitutional officers.
    Path of Legislation
  • Path of LegislationA step-by-step explanation of how a bill becomes a law in Maine.