Jim Torbert LCDC Chair

Hello, and on behalf of the Lincoln County Maine Democratic Committee let me welcome you to our web page. My name is Jim Torbert, and I'm looking forward as our newly elected Chair to further our activism around Democratic issues — we encourage local citizens to get active; we provide education sessions and trainings; we recruit candidates for municipal, county, and state offices; we provide service to our local communities; and we provide a forum for discussion of issues of the day with other engaged citizens. And we have a good time doing it!

The Lincoln County Democrats embrace the ideals of our “favorite daughter,” Frances Perkins, the first woman appointed to a U.S. Cabinet and Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945 under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Frances Perkins had an extraordinary commitment to civic responsibility, public service, and social justice. To learn more about her, visit the Frances Perkins Center in Damariscotta or go to http://francesperkinscenter.org/

My wife Theta and I have lived and farmed in Whitefield for thirty years. Both our daughters were raised here, and of our seven grandchildren, three are growing up in Whitefield, where their parents are working hard to keep the family farm thriving. My wife and I are both retired public school teachers, which helps when you're trying to herd grandkids. I'm honored to have been elected to serve on the Whitefield Planning Board, and I enjoy helping to publish the monthly Whitefield News and hiking and maintaining the trails along the Sheepscot River. I'm grateful for the strength of our community and the beauty of our environment, and I want to help sustain both for my grandchildren and beyond.

We are fortunate in Maine that government is so close and accessible to us. With such privilege comes responsibility—to actively participate in the democratic institutions that we hold dear in this country. Come join us in promoting just and equitable solutions to the economic, educational, and environmental challenges facing us all.

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